This world’s version of peace creates two categories of people, the “have’s” and the “have not’s“. The former category has access to the only peace this world knows; while the latter is trapped in a prison with little-to-no peace (often literally)… only more situations involving conflicts similar to those mentioned above. It’s no mystery that many of the “have not’s” become desperate to be free of conflict, even if for just a little while. And it’s no mystery that many of the “have not’s” are struggling to somehow move from their world as a “have not” to the other side of the fence where the evenly manicured, perfectly edged, well-watered grass is much, much greener (often literally).

The sad part is both worlds are temporary because they’re both based on “present condition” and circumstances of life will rarely permit this world’s concept of peace to exist for very long. “Present condition”, whether positive or negative, will always be completely temporary and this world’s version of peace, and always a complete facade! The facade was designed by a spirit who is the enemy of God… he designed it with one intension in mind: To force you to utter the most terrible phrase a Christian can ever say:

“I’ll do anything to be free… “